The new legendary snake ‘White Snake of Legend’ is from Asia named after Chinese myth

In 2001, the famous doctor Joseph B. Sloanski was bitten by a snake with an immature black and white striped crate while leading an expedition to northern Myanmar. 201 from Yunjiang County, Yunnan Province, China. After examining samples collected between 2011 and 2017, it was confirmed that the crates that led to his death were now the same species as the venomous snakes of the new science.

Dr. New Cretan species found in southwest China and northern Myanmar, described by Jenning Chen Guangxi Normal University, PhD candidate Shenchao Shi, DRS. Chengdu Institute of Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. of the Society of Southeast Asian Heritage in Germany. Garrot Vogel and The Jingsong Shi Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleontherology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are studied Published In open access, peer review journals Zoo.

The researchers decided that according to Bai Su Zhen’s mythological figure, the new species was named Bangarus Suzanne – Crate of Suzanne – a powerful snake goddess of the Chinese mythological ‘legend’ White Snake.

There are rumors that after practicing thousands of magic tricks, the white snake Bai Su Zhen transforms herself into a young woman and the man falls in love with Zhao Xian. Together, they ran a hospital where many people survived because of treatment and magic. However, this love between the goddess and man was forbidden in the world of the gods and in the end, Bai Su Zhen was imprisoned in a tower for eternity. Since then the Chinese have regarded him as a symbol of true love and honesty.

“The crate with the black and white band is one of nature’s snakes like the white snake, so we decided to name it Bau Su Zhen,” the authors say.

In fact, Suzanne’s discovery of the crate was inspired by another accident in 2015, when Chinese heterologist Mia Hu was detached from a black and white striped crate in Xinjiang. The unfortunate man who fortunately survived said, “It died around the wound and the skin around it turned black.”

The authors of the present study felt that the bite was different from the multi-banded Cretaceous B multisynthesis, which surrounds the wound without obvious symptoms or pain. This formula eventually leads to the discovery of Susan’s crate.

Since crates are extremely deadly, the diversity and geographical distribution of their species is essential for the preservation of human life. Thanks to adequate descriptions and classification of deadly snakes, venom research, antivenom development, and appropriate snake bite treatment can move more quickly.

The new study simplifies the distinction between Crete species from China and nearby Southeast Asia. The authors said, “Three species from China with black and white ribbons already bear the same name – multi-banded crates, which hinder proper medical treatment.” Additionally, they suggest that antivenom should be evaluated accordingly for multi-band crates.

Original source

Chen Jinning, Shi Shenchao, Gerant Vogel, Ding Li, Shi Jingsong (2021). Several evidences of new species of crate (squatta, elliptidae, bangars) have been published from southwestern China and northern Myanmar. Zoo, 1025: 35-71. https: // /10.3897 /Zoo1025.62305

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