The lone legislator of the RSP (L) wants a fifth consecutive term; UDF turns on the heat

Kovur Kunjuman of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist) won the 19 2016 poll as an independent and is fighting voters for the fifth time in a row from the Left Democratic Front.

Kunnath Assembly Election 2021 | Kunnathur is an assembly constituency in Kollam district in Kerala. It is one of the seven assembly constituencies under the Mavelikara Lok Sabha constituency. Kodik Kunnil Suresh of the Congress party is a Member of Parliament from the Lok Sabha constituency. The state elections will be held in April and the results will be released on May 2.

Kovu Kunjuman of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist) won the 19th election as an independent and again for the fifth time in a row from the Left Democratic Front voters.

The United Democratic Front has fielded Ullas Kovur of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, while the National Democratic Alliance has backed Razi Prasad of the BJP.

Previous selection and results

Kollam district saw a spectacular red wave in 2016 and made it a candidate of the Left Democratic Front in all the district councils. The constituency of Kunnathur is no different. It has consistently selected LDF-backed candidates since 1987. However, since then, Kunjuman has been credited with sealing the victory of the Left in four of the seven elections.

He won the election as a candidate of the Revolutionary Socialist Party from 2001 to 2011, and after retiring from the RSP from the RSP in 2016 and supporting the UDF alliance, he won again as an independent for the fourth time. After the election is over, the Election Commission recognizes its division as RSP (L).

In the last four words, Kunjuman has steadily improved his list and this seat stands with the LDF. However, this time the local media reported that Kunjuman is closed Problems In his own team. The LDF recently lost 10 panchayat divisions to the UDF in a local body survey conducted by the division.

Meanwhile, the NDA and UDFO are trying to cash in on the anti-incumbency factor and have fielded strong candidates.

Prior to the 2011 elections, Kunjuman Walking Strip defeated Congress’ Sabin Sathyan by a margin of 42,6363.2 votes. In 2011, he won by a margin of 20,500 votes against KC (B) ‘s NM Murali.

In Kerala’s electoral tradition, there was competition between two groups called UTF and LDF.

In the 2012 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress-led UDF won 19 of the 20 Lok Sabha seats in the state due to its revolt against the ruling LDF. But the repetition of similar feats in the Assembly elections is going to be an encouraging task for the UDF.

The LDF has not only overcome protests against the 2021 local body elections, but has also gained access to the UDF’s vote banks, especially in Thrissur, Ernakulam and Kottayam districts.

Its numbers are expected to increase in the NDA assembly elections, which have emerged as Kerala’s third front. However, despite the BJP-led NDA in the fray, local body elections did not live up to expectations for the 2021 elections and the ability to influence the UDF or LDF in the Assembly elections is unclear.

People in the local body survey showed a clear preference for the CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). Since 1979, only once, in 2010, has the United Democratic Front (UDF) corrupted the Apple cart.

Total voters, voter turnout, population

SelectorAccording to the Election Commission of India, the total number of registered voters in the state is 2,676767,311,509, of which 1,29,52,022 are male, 1,3737, 9,26333 are female and 211 are third gender voters.

Kollam district alone has 20,93,511 voters, of which 9,97,190 are men and 10,96,308 are women. There are 13 third gender voters in the district.

There are 2,02,7555 registered voters in Kunnathur constituency before the 2021 elections, of which 99,024 are male and 1,0,7,0 are female. One voter has registered himself as the third gender.

Voter turnout: The total electorate during the 2011 assembly elections was .377.35 percent. The percentage of female voters without postal ballot was 7555.97 percent and the percentage of male voters without postal ballot was 78 786.14 percent.

There are at least 4.4.44 per cent registered voters in Kunnath constituency, of which .14.18 per cent were males and 5,786.53 per cent were females.

Population and population: According to the 2011 census, the total population of Kollam district is 2,63533,37555. Hindus constitute 42.42% of the population of Kollam. Muslims in Kulam district are a minority, accounting for 19.30 per cent of the total population. Christians make up one percent of the population.

According to the 2011 census, 45.05 per cent of the total population of Kollam lived in urban areas of the district, while in rural areas it was 44.5.99 per cent of the population.

Date and time of election

The Kerala Legislative Assembly / Manual Alliance, including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, will be held on April 6, 2021. The day will also feature a three-phase survey in Assam and West Bengal. Votes will be counted 2 May.

The Kerala Legislative Assembly has a total of 140 seats, of which 14 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and two for Scheduled Tribes.

There are eight female MLAs and 132 male MLAs in the outgoing assembly. The current Kerala Niyamasabha session will end on June 1, 2021.

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