The Church of England has entered into ‘negotiations’ to return Benin bronze

In Europe, as the speed increases, so does their repatriation. Benin Bronze, A controversial group of thousands of items looted by British troops during the 19th century Church of England Its holding is considering returning two jobs from cash. Evening value First Good report News.

Reached by ARTNewsA spokesman for a church in England said there had been a “discussion” about returning the statues, which was presented to the archbishop of Canterbury by two entities in 19 August: Medical Professor Ambrose F. Oli and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The spokesman said the work was “given to us by the state of Benin” and “not taken from Benin in 1897.”

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Digital Benin, a project that interacts with Benin bronze maps Lambath PalaceResidents of the Archbishop of Canterbury – whether the group had a location and are now exploring the possibility of returning the statues from Lambeth Palace.

In 1897, as part of the Benial Colonial Conquest, British troops occupied Benin Bronze. They are now part of the state of Benin in Nigeria and have since been used in various institutions around the world, including the British Museum, the Humboldt Forum in Berlin and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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The work borrowed from Lambeth Palace could be housed at the Edo Museum of Art in Benin City, West Africa, which will open in 2025 and serve as a place when Benin Bronze is sent home. A spokesman for the Church of England said: “We have proposed to include the two buses in the Digital Benin project and, finally, return to our friends in Edo, Nigeria, where they can stay.”

According to a document released by the agency, news about the Lambeth Palace came just a day after the London-based Hermanman Museum said it would consider “eviction from its home” as a result of “colonial violence”. The museum’s holdings include 15 Benin bronzes.

University of Aberdeen in Scotland in March Committed to come back The only Benin Bronze and Humboldt Forum held Start looking for repatriation 530 works from the collection group of the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin.

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