South Africans do not know what the government should know about the official collection of the Cavid-19 vaccine

Uncertainty South Africa’s nine provinces, which have their own legislatures and executive councils, have a role to play in vaccine collection.

Covid-19 worldwide Challenges for public shopping in South Africa have resumed. Report of the Auditor General COVID-19 related collections and a Media broadcasting Ambiguity, corruption and mismanagement have been identified in various ways.

In this context, one is quite concerned about the response to the next big collection episode in the country, COVID-19. These are the services needed to collect vaccines and vaccinate people.

People have learned a lot about this vaccine collection process. These include the centralization system adopted by the National Department of Health and the current supplier adopted by a government Learned some lessons The initial response to the epidemic starts with the failure to buy.

But there are many things that are not known and there are many things that should be known. Several possible contextual aspects of the causes of this ambiguity have not yet been finalized. However, information on other aspects should be available.

The role of the province in the collection of vaccines

Uncertainty surrounds South Africa’s nine provinces with its legislative assemblies and the limited role of the executive council and the private sector.

In a briefing to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health on 5 February 2021, Health Minister Julie MKJ said the government had bought the vaccine at the center and was “supplying both the private and public sectors for distribution” at the time.

Especially later, it could understand the strategy of centralization of national collections The ultimate decentralized challenge Many state organs that are in the initial purchase stage fail to follow pricing and pricing instructions.

But Western Cape Premier Alan Wind Said The Western Cape established the provincial contingency vaccine acquisition (and procurement) “as a complement to the national acquisition plan.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The provinces and other organs of the state have the capacity to collect vaccines on their own Law Does not provide for compulsory participation in centralized collections.

If any part of the state can show that vaccine collections fall under its legal order, it should be able to do it itself. This is mainly due to the highly decentralized public money structure under it. Public Finance Management Act And Municipal Finance Management Act, Which includes the collection. In the context of this structure, the organs of the state are individually bound and thus responsible for their own expenses.

A closed book

Another major area of ​​uncertainty relates to the terms of the government supply agreement that the government will vaccinate. Vaccine and sentence makers have “protected” government leaders by using phrases such as “promised” doses, but it is not yet clear whether any agreement other than the AstraZeneca vaccine has been signed through the CoAX initiative.

At the very least, an agreement on 9 million Johnson and Johnson vaccines has already been signed or is about to be signed. However, the specific terms of this national agreement are unclear.

One indication of particular concern is that such an agreement may include adverse events as well as any defective compensation arrangements for uninterrupted clauses. Subsequently, it became impossible to verify the actual terms of the contract, including the appropriate nature and previous provisions.

There are also symptoms associated with spending. The Department of National Health has indicated in Parliament that the dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be 10 (R147). However, on February 10, Makhiz said a lot in his public briefing Signal The exact price will be discussed as soon as the supply is agreed.

He specifically mentioned that an emergency resort is an element, he said:

We’re willing to do something to fix this so that we can get a final offer in the next few days and then explain how much we can pay … and how much we will pay for the rest of the vaccine

All this uncertainty raises the question of whether these agreements will be fulfilled Constitutional requirements Government contracts must be concluded on the basis of a fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and affordable system.

For example, if the vaccine supply agreement contains non-disclosure terms, transparency will be severely reduced and any effort will be made to establish whether the agreement was competitive and fair.

The whole world, Serious questions have been asked Something about the fairness of the vaccine supply agreement. It is then refinanced from government funds in the light of significant public funds for the development and approval of relevant vaccines purchased at a cost. Some have also asked questions Differential values EU vs South Africa.

At a more specific level, there are questions about the government’s approach to collecting vaccine roll-out services. It is not clear, for example, why direct logistics services require deviations from competitive bids on direct contracts and closing rates. This is for a single source agreement with both To live And bids from the next four suppliers for six months of storage and delivery.

It seems difficult to follow how important these plans were after September 2021. Cavax A colony. Subsequently, the Department of Health closed February 22 and introduced the free bid system on February 5 to receive similar services from 1 February.

If this deviation satisfies the first of the three requirements to deviate from the competitive bid, it is surprising. The Supreme Court formed the appeal. The appellate court said that “the decision to deviate from the general tendering process must be a valid and reasonable reason”.

Moreover, it is not yet clear how the four suppliers were selected for the closed bid. In addition, wealth Aware The part of the health department that approves the closing bid deviation:

It should be ensured that the closed bid process is not in any way prejudiced by any supplier with the required storage and distribution capacity.

It is not clear how the Department of Health will comply with this requirement because the nature of closed bids is that no supplier participates in bids other than pre-selected ones.

People’s confidence is important

Undoubtedly, public confidence is a major factor in the success of any joint COVID-19 vaccination program. The effectiveness of this national program depends on vaccinating enough people to get animal immunity. As a result, animal immunity depends on an adequate stage schedule to allow enough people to be vaccinated.

This is outside the constitutional values ​​of good governance, which requires higher transparency. Such transparency in the government’s immunization program is also essential for the success of the program, because without transparency, people cannot have confidence.

One hopes that relevant information will be released soon as an important step in ensuring public confidence in this much-needed program.

This article is long overdue, Further in-depth analysis Procedure for collection of Covid-19 vaccine by the author

Professor Geo Quint, Professor of Public Law, Stellenbosch University

Reprinted from this article Gossip Under the Creative Commons license. Then Original article.

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