Palm Beach Art Gallery pop-ups, Hamptons are here

L.GV Gorvi Gallery New York, London, Hong Kong and Paris operate four primary locations worldwide – but what happened to the localization lockdown in early 2021 and early 2021? At the same time the operation was open for only three days. “It was extremely sad and annoying,” co-founder Dominic Lavi recently said of this momentary glimpse in early December. Even as the separate gallery opened, he said, “People weren’t really out. We had a hard time in front of curators, collectors, artists and writers.

To change this, falling into this past, Levy decided to try a pop-up. “I thought, keep quiet,” he said. “Our customers have something. Peeking out the window even let people stay where they feel comfortable outside. “

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To see her online room in the virtual edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, in collaboration with her New York colleague Gallery Saloon 99, Lovey Gervi arrived in Miami on December 1 for a temporary presentation in the city’s design district. “It was great,” Lu says of the first experience. “Every curator in Miami, Palm Beach, And further away in Florida; Collector ton; Artist; Anyone in the area – people tried to come.

The next stop, he decided in January, would be Palm Beach, where he has a home for several collectors. A month after taking place, Levy continued to work with his business partner, Brett Garvey, when he traveled to Spain to open a two-week pop-up in collaboration with Rodman’s design store co-founder Pitkin Projects. Primac, former director of Art Basel – Fair Design Miami.

“I think about the circus I’m interested in,” Levy said of his pop-up saga. (When he was younger, a prominent businessman once worked as a clown assistant)) “You don’t travel to see the circus. The circus travels for you and it’s different from where you see it. We’re new nomads. This time.

Outside is the state of palm-beach pop-ups.
Kindness Levi Gorvi

The lobby is not alone in its new nomadic adventures. He joined Miami in December through the New York Gallery Michelle-in and Nash, Deck Projects, Ramiken, Gallery Lelong and Marion Bosky (in collaboration with the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa). Neighbors in Palm Beach, Lo, the Royal Pansiana Plaza Shopping Center, included Pace and Acola. Those involved in giving Aspen a shot were London’s White Cube and DRS. Lehman Moupin.

The phenomenon stems from the Kovid epidemic: the art fair could provide connections to more online knitting houses (OVRs), galleries and capitals, the industry took to doing the work with its collectors.

Early symptoms are traced backwards Last summer, when galleries like Pace and Per Scherest disintegrated from New York City and began appearing at Hampton’s Siddle Idol 100 miles away. “Our whole idea is to continue using force to fight this epidemic,” said Pace CEO Mark Glimcher.

East Hampton Gallery became a district in July, not too long after Van De Wei, Sano Gallery, Michael Warner and De Donner started thinking about outpost glamor Palm Beach. The few collectors he was serving in Hampton were soon moving to Florida for the winter, with the idea that Glamor knew Palm Beach as a long-term residence for art collectors, including many annual members. ARTNews The list of top 200 collectors included Beth Rudin Dewey, Dan Loeb, Charles Schwab, Ronald Lauder, Howard and Judy Gonek, Ronnie Heyman, Ken Griffin, Amy and John Felan, Ann Tenenboom, Peter Brent and Steve Wayne (who he was recently). ) (Open a gallery on Palm Beach).

[Browse the 2021 edition of ARTnews’s Top 200 Collectors list.]

More rich people are buying houses there every day. In late December, Palm Beach Daily News Work recorded in local court says sales of more than 20 Palm Beach residential real estate in 2021 were $ 20 million or more. In 2019, there was another sign of a southward flow: New York’s Tony Upper East Side restaurants include Le Bilboket and Lao. Golu open. Feel the excitement with the locations.

Robert Nava paints at the Pace Beach Pace Gallery location.

See the image of Robert Navarre Pace Gallery Location at Palm Beach.
Courtesy Pace Gallery

The personal sales division of Pace, Aquavella and Sotheby’s has occupied a shopping center called Royal Poisiana, and the space around it was the first industrial connection: Up Market, Samantha Perry, the daughter of collectors Richard and Perry based in New York and Palm Beach. The glamor of the equivalent Perry was then raised in Aquavale. Perry had already approached Sotheby’s personal sales chief David Shred; He rented a house on the Plaza property to see art and jewelry at the exhibition, and in February Emmanuel de Doner, a former associate of Sotheby’s who runs the Namsec Gallery in New York, offered some space for an exhibition. Other galleries, seeing the trend of pop-ups becoming apparent, soon joined elsewhere in the Palm Beach area, signing leases lasting three to six months.

Over the summer, the principals of New York-based Lehman Moupin noticed how well their colleagues were doing in Hampton. “What should we have done?” Gallery partner Carla Camacho remembers that time. Later, in August, the gallery took the opportunity to pop up for a month in Aspen, Colorado, in collaboration with design company R&C and the Lebanese non-profit design company House of Todd. “It was really successful and people liked it,” Kamacho said. “We immediately realized that this was going to be a new model: bringing industry to a regional region with a strong collector community.”

Inspired by his success in Aspen, Lemon Moupin became Palm Beach. They tried for the Royal Pinkiana, but all the available ground floor space was searched by other galleries, as it turned out. However, one of the main intersections on Camacho Island found a spot near the corner of North Avenue and South County, and the side door of Ferragamo and Sachs is located on the side of the road from Fifth Avenue, Tarnau and Louis Vuitton. Lehman Moupin reached a place larger than the one found in the Royal Pinesiana and had a beautiful park: a corridor billboard where the gallery is named.

Below, the Palm Beach Outpost at the Paula Cooper Gallery features works by Claus Oldenberg and Koz van Brugen.

Artwork by Daws Hollandberg and Koz van Brugen at the Palm Beach Outpost at Paula Cooper Gallery.
Palla Copper Gallery courtesy of Zakhari Balbar

The beginning of the Palm Beach movement, rather than the Hamptons relocation, was a growing response from collectors and traders to the digital experience provided by industry fairs. “There’s a limit to the number of online viewing rooms,” said Steve Henry, director of the long-awaited Paula Cooper, which praised the comfort of the small town of Palm Beach. . But we have all heard of OVR fatigue.

In the heat of Palm Beach, people could roam more freely. The timing was set as soon as the rollout of covid vaccines began. In February, Kamacho said, “there were a lot of people here who went to shops and galleries and ate outside or inside.” I had people call, ‘I’m coming and going with my second vaccine on Tuesday. Wednesday. ”

For Palm-Beach pop-up galleries, art viewing is as important as providing a lasting personal experience for both existing and new customers. “How many times has someone cried out, ‘Oh my God! I’ve seen this art for the first time in eight months,'” said Daniel Gareh, a participant in the White Cube. “Really, it’s delightful.”

Scene installation of the statue at the White Cube Palm Beach location

“It’s really fun,” said Daniela Gareh, director of White Cube, about being directed to Palm Beach.
Photo by White Cube courtesy of Allen Almana

Near the White Cube The Bunker was a warehouse-like location with an 18-foot staircase that houses the Knighton Museum of Art and Beth Rudin de Woody’s private museum. And the success of this campaign has led to another pop-up planned in Aspen this summer.

The galleries already in Aspen emphasize intimate, personal experiences – anti-OVR and even anti-gallery. In a press release for his show last summer, Lehman Moupin described the surrounding mountainous landscape as “an experience that is like watching an ‘impersonal’ white crescent on a private shore filled with collectors and listeners.” Will offer face-to-face artists. First. An opportunity to rediscover the indescribable feeling of the hand. “

Kamocho said of the sensation that delivering OVR was not particularly good, adding that “collectors often need some kind of event or exhibition to create excitement rather than just a winter call.”

Pace’s Mark Glimcher also spoke of the same effect, noting that any wall artwork could attract the attention of a collector and capture the demand for a kickstart. “Placing art in front of collectors – people who see everything through PP We may have a businessman in Korea who says, ‘Oh my God, I see you at Palm Beach Dotting’ waiting for Julian Snebal’s painting. Then they give it to their customers.” Sells to. ‘

[Pace Gallery will expand its presence in Seoul this spring.]

Glamor said the global impact of local events could sell from Geneva to Palo Alto. We were given five pictures for Palm Beach and suddenly a museum deal with Standby began, he added, adding that all of Palm Beach’s shows sold for between $ 50,000 and 000 000,000. . Needless to say, in the first weekend of his pop-up, Salvi, Emanuel de Dona sold a number of art and design works, including a painting by William de Kuning, for millions of dollars.

Scene of a group show setting in Palm Beach location during Levi's pregnancy with a work by Joan Miri.

“Keep chatting,” Dominic said of the inspiration to open Lovey Garby on Lovey Palm Beach.
Courtesy Levi Gorvi

How long will the pop-up be Event over? In mid-February, Pam set up a block in the summer and planned to make his place there for the first season, then hinting at the future early on. Perry Scarsat earned a spot on Palm Beach, where he was expecting a similar experience. In New York, his office is on the third floor of his gallery. Like East Hampton, Palm Beach also plans to welcome visitors to its smaller venue. “Even though the epidemic is over,” he said, “people won’t be so eager to go back to their previous lives.”

Levy said he thinks the vaccine is starting to take effect and that as the epidemic begins to decline we can change that completely in about five years. “What about yesterday’s brick-and-mortar gallery?” She is surprised. “Or is it a special place, a special moment, to allow for engagement, conversation, passion, and just an art experience? Do New Yorkers flock around the world in November for the old-fashioned auction and see 20 galleries there? Do they pay?” I don’t know, and at the moment I’m asking questions about all of these things.

A version of this article was published in April / May 2019 ARTNews, “New Nomad” title.

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