Pakistani court lifts ban on ticking, app monitors “immoral” content

A Pakistani high court has ruled that the country’s telecommunications authorities can lift a block on social media request tickets, as government officials say the agency is working with them to monitor their statements as “unethical.”

The head of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) told the court at a hearing in Peshawar on Thursday that he had discussed the matter with Tiktak, and the agency had agreed to appoint a focal person to ensure better control of the content.

“Immoral” content, as defined by the government, includes nudity, obscenity, and pornography.
“When people know that the PTA will take action against them, they will no longer upload videos,” Peshawar High Court President Kaiser Rashid Khan said during the hearing.

“We want to acknowledge the support of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and our commitment to the ongoing productive dialogue and the digital experience of Pakistani users,” Tiktok said on Thursday after the court lifted the ban on Pakistani court lifts ban on ticking.

On March 11, the court ordered the country to block the application on the basis of an application alleging that it contained obscene material. The court will continue hearing the case on May 25.

The PTA blocked the ticket last October for the same reason but reversed its decision ten days later that the owners of a China-based company called Byte Dance had agreed to curb Pakistani content.

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