Online pop-up markets raise funds for protests to raise political awareness among citizens in the wake of Myanmar’s military coup

Everything from clothes and toys to music lessons and outdoor adventures are on sale. The program, which began with the sale of virtual lightning, was overshadowed by protests and other political reasons.

In the past two months, security forces in Myanmar have shot dead at least 5,770 protesters and pedestrians, and have taken to the streets as a bold but reckless act against most of the country’s population.

Online, many have found a safer, more secure way to demonstrate their opposition to the February military coup – the sale of virtual rumors, its streams go to the shadow government and other related political reasons of the protest movement.

Everything from clothes and toys to music lessons and outdoor adventures are on sale. Foreign friends are encouraged to donate, but the purpose of raising funds inside Myanmar is to raise political awareness to oust Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

Facebook users were taken to social networks to sell their property, the ad said, adding that all the money raised would go to fund the Pidingsu Halta (CRPH) delegation committee created by MPs who were prevented from occupying their seats by the coup.

The committee saw itself as the only legitimate government in the country and rejected the ruling junta without any legal status. Instead, the junta banned the committee and declared it a traitor, threatening not only its members, but anyone who supported its imprisonment.

Ready from scratch in the immediate aftermath of the February 1 coup, funds were needed to conduct the CRPH’s internal organizational activities and for diplomatic efforts abroad.

Despite the authorities keeping Internet connections narrow, fiber broadband connections are limited to a relatively small number of homes, yet deals are available.

On April 4, 2021, young protesters in Yangon, Myanmar, filed a file and took part in an anti-coup masked strike. Photo by the Associated Press

Last week, a young woman offered to collect her K-pop music and memorabilia, especially the band Exor. Anyone interested should show a receipt for the CRPH grant and the item will go to the person who gave the most.

Another put their Lego Marvel Super Heroes collection up for sale.

“It caught our eye then. If you show me your CRPH grant slip, choose anything and I’ll give it to you.”

A group of friends advertised a collection of his novels, poems and inspirational books and again reached out to the fight for democracy and “when everything is stable”.

And it’s not just the things that are being cracked. Conflict control services are also provided.

Free Myanmar clothing donors for a quick check, a seamstress offer via notice on Facebook, a musician who donates ion 25 who teaches guitar and rhyme for a lifetime, and a promotional team delivering five adventures.

The campaign will lead CPRH’s lucky drawing winner, the Civil Disobedience Movement, which conducts daily regulatory activities or receives grants to help thousands of internally displaced people.

However, the latest proposal has a small caveat – it has been advertised as “renewable after the revolution”.

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