M. 55m Picasso revised evening sale Christian must sell

A Pablo Picasso The 1932 painting depicts Mary Thoris Walter, presented by Chrissy at the May 11 Twentieth Century Art Evening Auction in New York. Femi adopts Prince D’Ante Fentre (Marie-Theres), Huge work will be seen in Hong Kong from 12 to 14 April before reaching the final location at the home’s New York headquarters. It is expected to bring in 55 million.

Following Christie’s announcement last month, news spread that the house planned to auction two new renovation evenings during May 20th / 21st Century Art Week, one dedicated to twentieth-century art, the other from the 1980s to the present. Dedicated to the bald industry.

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Walter is often seen sleeping or dreaming in Picasso e Ubre. In the present case, however, he is sitting upright in a chair, staring at his audience; He sees the wings. Picasso began working at the Boiselap studio in France in 1932, the year he began painting Walter.

The latest painting to be auctioned at the Picasso Museum in Paris is the 1932 Panosaro Ano Arotic.In 2017, with a 1932 portrait of Picasso by mega-collector Steven Cohen Le Ray, Which he bought in 2013 for 155 million. Believe in fame In London Tate Ted Modern went to London for an exhibition entitled “The Exhibition: Picasso 1932, Love Fame Tragedy”.

“Our response to seeing this was very spectacular,” said Vanessa Fusco, head of Christian sales on the evening of the twentieth century. ARTNews. The most interesting aspect of the piece, Fusco says, is the woman’s incredible presence and the company that gave it to her. It’s something you don’t always see in your portrayal.

The work seller bought it in 2013 for 45 million, while the premium was মিল 25 million. It was previously sold at auction in 1997 for 8 6.8 million, in the hands of modern art merchants Stephen Han and Jan Cruise. The latter acquired it from the artist’s granddaughter Marina Picasso.

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