In the middle. The exploitation of the victims of the assassination of the ‘royal revolutionary’ Duchess Kate was called ‘victory’

It was all over the weekend and it’s worldwide. Choose to be aggressive, aggressive and disobedient. The Times of London has decided that the Duchess of Cambridge will be called a “true princess revolutionary” because you don’t get it, Meghan was a woman, a businessman, a self-made woman and was torn to pieces. Kate wants to capture Meghan’s strength and pretend she’s just like that, just fair and much better. First let’s look at the work of art from which the piece was made:

The real revolutionary, the socialist, the activist, the proponent and basically everyone is absolutely aggressive. The original article boldly took it to a new level, which Kate recommends. Exploitation of the slain (Sarah Evardard) Combines her ruthless single-white-femininity with a black woman, perfecting Kate in a bright, smart, inquisitive and fragrant, thick, white hemzonic way. The piece was written by Tony Allen Mills, who obviously hates women and drinks heavily.

Kate’s unique presence at the All-Awards Memorial: For a moment it seemed as if the Duchess of Cambridge was embroiled in another mess, a polarizing feeling about the rest of us being humiliated by the Royals. In the middle of the lockout he woke up to an illegal gathering of Clam Common! He did not wear a mask! His security team was not unaware that on Saturday morning last month, a top police officer warned that surveillance in south London, 33-year-old Sarah Evarad had been abducted and killed at night. Granted, it could be “attractive to terrorists.” ”

Kate was still interested in exploiting: Yet somehow, the Duchess still looks relevant, she took a bouquet of flowers from her palace garden after minimal protection. It was later learned that he had expressed his condolences to the family of the slain woman. Wait a minute, are we talking about the right Duchess? Feeling a feminist preacher, showing solidarity with vulnerable women, disregarding police advice and lockdown rules?

It does not yet mean: There was an embarrassing word at Scotland Yard last week when senior commanders gave controversial details about whether Britain’s future queen was legally present at the meeting and whether police had known her presence in advance. An independent report on policing revealed that the officer in charge of the operation learned that only a television news item was present after the concerns were resolved. But Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick told the BBC: “The Met doesn’t know. [about the visit]Palace sources described Kate’s visit as “private”, but Dick said she was “on the line of responsibility; she is working.”

Great publicity for finding Kate’s murder victim: Kate’s polite controversial outing was clearly no less of a disaster for Windsor. It turned out to be a victory. “I think he played Blender,” said Jenny Bond, a former BBC correspondent and author of several books on Windsor. Unlike some of her royal family, 39-year-old Kate has embraced her publicly for the past few years for her own reasons. Bond says, “He is now widely acclaimed as a public figure and I think he is showing that he is in touch with the mood of the country.”

About the exploitation of Bailey Jr. Kate Everard: Juner described Kate’s visit as a “surprise gesture” to Jagram. Instead it turned into the story of a young woman who probably turned into an unmarried fountain who lived in London before her marriage to the prince and remembered what it was like to walk home alone at night. After a Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jr. added, “Kate has a very subtle speech. You don’t have to sing or dance about things. She didn’t show any deception in the clap in silence. I felt it was called volume.

You Kate is a free spirit, The burden of imperial expectations has shattered many independent minds. The closer Kate gets to being a queen, the more predictable she is; Be careful of his words to avoid spontaneous travel in the midst of health crisis. Can he really continue as a rising brave Dutchman? Or should we be ready to be the silent queen Catherine even if we are smiling? “I think what William and Kate have shown is that if you grow up in small numbers, you can have a greater impact,” said Bond, who, like many royal observers, believes that Kate is a child-neutral. By Show live. Development and mental health. He is naturally employed and comes as authentic because he is really interested in the things he does, “Bond said. I think he would be intelligent enough to draw certain things with his personality and knowledge.”

[From The Times of London]

I don’t understand how clearly Kate’s presence was at the awards memorial and Kate tried to think that it was a private tour, when everything about it (including sweet, aggressive PR) was presented That Kate was working on, that she, the victim Smriti warned Sky News of his presence and then the rest of the mourners were dismissed by the police. He then leaked information about a letter sent to him by the family, which was embarrassing and offensive, especially after Egan, made it clear that it was about “work” for him. The work of correcting Karen’s ugly image has brought tears to the eyes of the white woman who tries to imitate Meghan and embraces Meghan’s experience and personality. Like I was saying, Kate is getting something emotionally wrong. This is not * just * stupidity and laziness. He is becoming active Scary. Kate’s communications team is actively removing all of this here, the tragic murder of a young woman Kate’s exploitation was a “victory event”, it’s aggressively deaf and mute.

Royal visit to Avilina Children's Hospital and The Passage

Photo courtesy Wayne, Avalon Red.

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