In the middle. Matt Gates won his women while at the FL State House

A new terror every day with Congressman Matt Gates, who has not yet resigned from Congress as of this writing. She’s a mega Republican and perhaps she believes she can wait for him, or as slowly as Margaret Taylor Green as a house censor. Last week, we heard about it Long-term FBI investigation in the Gazette And his handful of perverted colleagues, each of whom took part in a human trafficking operation. There was one thing in particular among the teenage girls in Got but they saw it clearly Women who hunt at sugar-dad sites. He also took pictures of women and girls and often showed pictures of other members of Congress (on his phone) on the floor of the house.

Holiday weekend broke dozens of stories about Matt Goethe. CNN’s Dana Bash On-Air reported that he has no backsliding from former and current Republican colleagues. Bash said they were sending him and “I can’t really repeat what each of them said on television … then we’re talking about our fellow Republicans.” Getty Communications Director Luke Ball Leave this bitch on Friday. The ball is not an example of conservative policy or anything, he is just another rat escaping from SS human traffic. Getty’s perverted and criminal behavior comes as no surprise, even to those who know him – he often ran around about his access to women and girls.

According to two people who heard his comments directly, Matt Goethe repeatedly boasted about women involved in Florida politics through county tax collectors.

They say the first Republican congressmen elected in 2016 featured videos of naked or topless women at multiple events with former Semino County tax collector Joel Greenberg. People said the women were present as adults and were seen dancing, hanging out with a pool, and in one case hula kuchi was used without clothing.

“Matt was never ashamed to talk about his relationship with Joel and the women that Joel gave him access to,” said one of them, who, like the others, spoke on condition of anonymity. “These videos mean that something of a sexual nature happened to everyone.”

[From The Washington Post]

So he was basically arbitrarily (at best) and worst of all he was pushing for sexual conquest by sleeping with women in public, not to mention trafficked children in Florida. Oh, and there’s a story about Getz’s behavior when he was at the Florida State House – he behaved like a psychotic Frat boy. She and the other delegates created a “game” where they give each other points for sleeping with women:

GOP rape for potential sex trafficking and other related charges. An ongoing federal investigation by Matt Gates (Fla.) Alleges that the congressman participated in a “game” while in office at the Florida State House, where he allegedly raped his wife. Sexual victory. Sources told ABC News on Friday that during their time at the State House, Gates and a team of other young lawmakers allegedly took part in the game, to score scores of women in the state, including interns, staff and other female colleagues. Home.

A source said that a group of women believing male legislators to be “virgins” was the target of the so-called scoring game. Sources said some women who worked in the State House called the junior MP “Creepy Gates” after an absolutely uncomfortable face-to-face fight.

[From The Hill]

Disgusting. Sorry. Matt Gates is One Man’s Law Enforcement: The SVU Episode.

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