In the middle. Duchess Meghan did not return to Britain if she could help ‘So what’s wrong ??

One of my favorite things in the world is frustrated British journalists claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not “welcoming” back to Britain. Over the past year, the UK press has treated her as a jealous girlfriend or boyfriend, first trying to make a deal with her ex (ex is having an affair with her), but then boldly declaring that she “doesn’t need your ex”. And now if his former students come often and spin his story, they will not be welcomed. Meanwhile, the former Harry and Meghan are gone and can’t look back on that psychological, bitter island. Alumni continue to grow and succeed, how brave they are! They don’t welcome that they’re not interested in coming back!

Royal experts have claimed that Mehra will not return to the UK if she loses the respect and admiration of the British people after her meeting with Afra Winfrey after defeating the monarchy. Prince Harry, 3, and the 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex have moved to California after resigning as senior members of the firm.

According to Anna Pasternak, the couple did not survive [in the UK] The British are now feeling ‘betrayed’ by embracing veteran actress Meghan at first because she is not an ‘elite’, but a somewhat ambitious, amazing woman ‘.

Speaking to Fox News, Pasternak said he did not see the Dutch as “a beloved and cherished member of the royal family, united with respect and reverence for the British people … sadly … it looks like the ship is gone.” Will Meghan Merkel return to Britain? My guess is that if he could do it, he wouldn’t be able to.

Pastarnak told Fox News that many people said in interviews that “there was a complete lack of respect for the monarchy on the one hand and respect for the British on the other” because the royal family was “part of the British mentality”.

“The beating of this monarchy can also be seen as a kind of pressure from the British,” he said. ‘And from personal knowledge it is clear that Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Kate Middleton and Queen – they were very shocked and saddened.’

Pasternak said people were “thrilled” when Harry met Meghan and accepted her and their “incredible marriage”, but said the couple “didn’t last long” and “criticized the whole thing,” which he thought That they started throwing it away. On our face again, we actually went to Meghan because she wasn’t aristocratic … She was truly this ambitious, great woman. So I think in some ways, a lot of people in Britain betray him. ‘

Pasternak should be given an opinion about what he can’t do as a member of the royal family – instead he should be neutral and forgiving and ‘just smile’, Meghan is very animated and convinced.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Very animated and fast” “Very” colorful “if you want. Very American, very much, very much … We say brave, black. So glad we made it clear that the animated, sharp, great women are British or British Raj. Not welcome in the family.An interesting thread about Pasternak was “If she can’t help it” she becomes a former prisoner in the ministry. But no, Meghan doesn’t want to come back to Beater Isle. He is a “British Bashar” or whatever, he certainly can’t supply Afghanistan.

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