In the middle. Chris Hemsworth: ‘Exercise is seen as arrogance’ but ‘it’s a full time job’

Do you like muscle men? Fat people? I usually go for long, long string beans and I’m scared of super-buffers. In my head they are judging me as a buffalo or nothing. I have no reason to believe that these are actually reasonable, excessively one-hole, although to me it is a kind of stereotype of super-buff boys and I suspect that I am my own bias towards carnivorous boys alone because OK, Chris Hemsworth said I want to say. Chris is often heavy and muscular for these films but in general he lives a very favorite life. And he wants people to take it seriously! He wants you to watch his gossip and think “Wow, what a serious actor”

Chris Hemsworth was outspoken about his telegraph training rules – and claimed that people could take him less seriously because he was involved in “low bodybuilding”.

“Practice is also seen as arrogance, although if I put on some unhealthy weight or become unhealthily thin for a character, I will probably be called a serious actor. It takes more than 10 years to do that,” he said. There’s full-training. This and then the 12-day shooting day – it’s a real part piece. It’s incredibly useful – you have to see it as a professional. “

This, of course, intensified Hemsworth’s routine. In another part of the interview, he discusses how the COVID-19 epidemic allowed him to be isolated for “watching”. [he] Can manipulate [his] Body

[From Buzzfeed]

When I complained too much about how much time Hansworth had to give Jim for Thanes, I can think enough of him that the old times have changed! Although, I don’t think that’s the problem today, I agree with him on one thing – if he was changing his body differently (losing weight or losing muscleless weight), people would gain more respect for the career “process”. All of these actors have reasons to play roles according to their roles – when they want to win awards for their “transformation”, when in reality, different actors should have just been hired. Chris is working as hard as he can to get the crazy-buff for his action films and comic-book films. That being said, I think Chris is just enjoying it as a hobby now. And I never thought he was so brilliant, but whatever. It doesn’t have to be.



Photo courtesy Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram.

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