In the 2016 elections, 86.56% of the votes were cast in 2016

Sankar Singh of the Congress won the seat in the 2016 Assembly elections.

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Ranaghat is an Assamese constituency in the northwestern Nadia district of West Bengal. It is a part of Ranaghat (SC) Lok Sabha constituency but earlier it was a part of Navadwip Lok Sabha constituency.

In 2016, Krishnaganj (SC) had a total of 254,242 registered voters and 269 polling stations.

Voters voted in the last election

In the 2016 Assembly elections, the turnout in Ranaghat North West constituency was 8.5.56 percent.

Results of previous elections and winners

In the 2016 Assembly elections, Shankar Singh of the Congress won the Ranaghat North West Assembly constituency. He will contest on the Trinamool Congress ticket this year.

The state will vote in five rounds on April 5, April 17.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Ranaghat North West is 3,39,477. Of which 2.5.51 per cent are rural and 2222.49 per cent are urban.

The West Bengal Assembly elections will be held in seven rounds for the last time in seven rounds.

The election results will be announced on May 23.

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