How skateboard decks became great collectibles by artists

If you visit the Museum of Modern Art Gift Shop today, you’ll pass the Keith Herring Mug and Yao Kusmar Snow Globe before reaching the Dedicated Section. Artist-design skate deck. Deck – which means the wooden body of the board where you set foot – often with family names such as Jean-Michael Basket and Andy Warhol, as well as pre-existing drawings and drawings as well as Raymond Pettibon and there are more contemporary favorites like Jenny Holzer to set the skateboard wheel on each deck. There were eight holes, so they are technically scalable even after being discouraged. Instead, these subjects are hung on the wall, such as any paintings or prints. But an unframed Warhol poster of Campbell’s Soup costs 16.99, a deck of the same image will give you 199.99. How did the skateboard, a powerful sport used for injuries, become an expensive version of the artist’s print?

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The first artist-designed skate deck was released in 2000, when streetwear brand Supreme launched its “Artist Series”. The bottom of the deck has been decorated since the 1970s to identify the brand’s identity and personality. The Ryan McGuinness version, however, was previously designed by an artist who changed the look of contemporary art galleries and museums. Skateboarding In the title of the scene Supreme Color Formula Guide, It makes full use of the unique shape of the deck, creating a super painted color scheme in a flurry of pop art and minimalism. The version was marked as a departure from the main trends in skateboard deck art, which was cartoons if not completely obscene or devilish.. Yet McGuinness’s call was still an element of youth and humor.

Since then the origins of the artist-designed skate deck have continued to expand as a counter cultural sport and their growing status as a luxury product. Today, Skaterroom, An artist-designed skateboard manufacturer, Produces two types of skate versions: single skateboard and triptitch. Tripods are an evolution, where an artwork is printed separately, the ultimate arrangement of devotional images of the Renaissance, like the modern altar. According to the agency, most tripods remain on the wall, while a third is actually used for skating.

“Decks have a fixed price, which means not everyone skates with them.” Founder of Skaterroom Charles-Antoine Bodson told ART News. Their single decks start at 160 160 and the tripods start at 43 435. Also, “when a deck in a museum is offered for sale, we’re interested in someone’s culture or art” – in other words, your average skater isn’t. There is also a generational division: “The secondary speaks differently from 15- or 25-year-olds than 45-65 or 65-year-olds who may be directly related to the skating world.”

Some artists have begun to play with the elements of the skate deck, limiting its effectiveness. Chris Ofili Ledger has decorated his deck with waves like Martin Ramirez and usually uses paint for automobiles. Others have omitted traditional maple wood components: Valad Bashti When copper was used for its deck Jenny HolzerAfter the election of Donald Trump, IMPEH created a marble skateboard engraved with the word. It spread for 10,000 and you certainly can’t skate with it.

Judy Chicago Skateboard Structure for Skyroom

Some artists design decks that challenge the skateboarding industry. Judy ChicagoThree versions of the skaterroom Chicago’s 19-1970 paintings reinvented those motifs when challenging men in male-dominated art to establish themselves as artists. Early in her career, through the echoes of feminist work she created, Chicago similarly encouraged a more active position in the otherwise male-dominated skateboarding industry.

Bodson continues to encourage artists to experiment with the deck and use it as a predefined size on any other medium, such as A4 sheets or stretched canvas. Skaterom is designing a specially made silkscreen machine for use on skateboards. “It’s going to be a great tool. It’s going to create something close to our art version, which is real,” painter Jules de Balincourt is clearly trying to see.

Artists are given the whole kingdom and new equipment to experiment with such skate decks; Sports equipment often retains its wrapping shape, more or less ready to skate. Yet the most oscillating skate deck still retains the original anti-cultural sparkle of the object. Presented as sports equipment, works of art that may be conceptual, may be stuffed, or may feel cold in a blue chip gallery or auction room may appear accessible and clean. Bodson said skate culture has its own underlying meaning. “I want this deck to say something.”

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