Floods and landslides in Indonesia’s East Timor have killed at least eight people and left dozens missing.

Heavy rains and heavy rains caused by landslides have turned small populations into mud and uprooted trees and sheltered thousands of people.

Length: Officials said Monday that the final level of flood risk had been announced in Indonesia and neighboring East Timor, with at least 87 people killed and several missing.

Landslides caused by torrential rains and subsequent landslides have turned small populations into mud and tree-sheltered wetlands and flooded thousands of people. The cyclone continued to hit the affected area on Monday, hampering efforts to reach trapped people.

The Indonesian disaster agency said about 66 people had been killed so far.

An official from the 1.3 million-strong small island nation between Indonesia and Australia said another 21 people had died in East Timor.

Most of the deaths occurred in the sunken capital Delhi.

In Indonesia’s Far Eastern municipality, mud was washed away from homes, bridges and roads, with intense waves preventing search teams from entering the worst-hit areas.

On an island lambeta just before the floors, several parts of several villages were rained with mud and carried to the coast at the bottom of a hill.

Early in the morning, residents heard screams for help from a nearby house surrounded by rubble shortly after the flood storm began in the Langdoy district of Basir.

He said, “Four of them were inside. Three survived, others did not.” Langdo and his friends tried to save him before he was trapped and died before he was trapped.

“They said, ‘Hurry up, I can’t hold on anymore,'” Langoday said.

‘Medicine, food, blankets’

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has expressed deep grief over the devastation. “I am deeply saddened by this tragic event,” he said in a nationwide speech.

Across the region, residents have fled to temporary shelters or taken refuge in what was left of their homes.

“The evictions are scattered. There are hundreds of people in each sub-district, but many more are at home,” said Alphonse Hada Bethany, head of the East Flood Disaster Management Authority. “They need medicine, food, blankets.”

About 2,500 people were evacuated to East Timor.

Attempts to find survivors by heavy rains have been challenged. “We suspect many have been buried but it is not clear how many are missing.”

In Lambata, local authorities were forced to install heavy equipment to reopen the roads. Images of the island barefoot by local people and past homes collapsing have evacuated victims on temporary stretchers.

During the monsoon season, severe landslides and flash floods occur in the Southeast Asian islands. Floods in Sumadang, West Java, Indonesia, killed at least 40 people in January. And last September, a landslide in Borneo killed at least 11 people.

The country’s disaster agency estimates that there are 125 million Indonesians – about half of the country’s landslides.

According to environmentalists, disasters are often caused by deforestation.

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