CVD-1P Cubin shares culinary creations on Facebook in response to food crisis caused by food epidemic

Citizens compare the number of assets that Facebook posts have created with virus companies to the amount of resources that their citizens can find in the market or that are helping their countrymen cope with the new coronavirus crisis compared to official rations.

If you don’t have potatoes, use Malagar root. If you don’t get zucchini, replace it with cucumber.

Can’t find the content you want? No problem: Juliet Colon got a sweet whip with your added eggs, pork for ground chicken in that recipe and even peanuts for beans in your Cuban-style rice.

He is a garbage man who has helped his countrymen more than ever in dealing with the crisis. Coronavirus Epidemic Facebook posts contain culinary creations that can be found in the market or with official rations

“I love Master Chef Spain, But where can I get liquid nitrogen in this country? The 39-year-old mother of two and the creator of the “heart recipe” Facebook page joked.

Launched in June, the site now has more than 12,000 members – many of whom have recently become accustomed to social media on an island due to better use of the Internet.

Match COVID-19» CVD-1P Cubin shares culinary creations on Facebook in response to food crisis caused by food epidemic » WebLVN » If you don't have potatoes, use Malagar root. If you don’t get zucchini, replace it with cucumber. Disappointed by local economic productivity and U.S. sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump, Cuba’s deficit narrowed by cutting off travel to the island, where GDP fell 11 percent in 2021.

The long queue became significant last year and with government economic reforms in 2021 it effectively increased both prices and wages – although not always at the same rate.

Callon went to an agricultural market near his home last week and after standing in line for about 40 minutes, he bought some vegetables that he got.

He used them to make “Cuban-style pistachio mangoes”, which included onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers – to the praise of other members of the group.

Nowadays, the head of a family in Cuba leaves without warning. When the toothpaste is present, the deodorant disappears and when it comes back the soap and toilet paper disappear. The same is true of rice, beans, milk, cheese, onions, tomatoes and garlic. The fruit has not been seen for several weeks.

Sometimes the potatoes disappear and the Cubans are persuaded to return to other popular tubers, yucca or rough-skinned malanga in the region.

The Facebook site suggests how to make chicken only when meat is available or cheese is not available with others.

QID shares skillful culinary creations on Facebook amid food shortages caused by 19 Cuban food epidemics

Colon entered his home in Havana, Cuba, on Friday, April 2, and created a “Cuban-style pistachio mango” and a picture on his phone that displayed a “Heart’s Recipe” Facebook page. Colon 2021. Photo press

Before cutting vegetables and uploading pictures of the process, he called his “pisto mango” while “very briefly” in the small kitchen of his home.

He added some fresh basil and parsley from a small flower stem growing next to his house.

“I like to make the most sweets but now it’s very hard to get eggs, milk or flour,” Callan said.

The Facebook page is an Internet age that has democratized previous attempts to help the Cuban people in difficult times, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which saw their Caribbean allies’ economies destroyed in the early 1990s. At the time, it was suggested to cook grapefruit once on a TV cooking show.

Thanks to the advent of Internet access, services for the provision of food or goods have expanded and relatives abroad can also pay telephone bills directly to the islands. Cubans can share tips on what products are available on WhatsApp or Twitter.

They have in some cases helped hold officials more accountable – when Cricket was transferred to a state-run factory, who complained that an explosion had occurred during the tailing process, and officials responded to the local media.

Colon relies on the Internet to communicate with his mother, whose deposits pay for web access that puts him on Facebook.

Callan usually adds some family anecdotes to his posts.

“The kitchen is my happiest place, where I’m calm and I feel better,” he said.

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