Clinical trials of the British COVID-19 vaccine for children have been postponed due to blood clotting concerns.

The UK and vaccine developers have so far opposed any restrictions on the use, saying there is no evidence of this link.

AstraZeneca is a British experiment Coronavirus The University of Oxford said Tuesday that pediatric vaccines were discontinued after regulators around the world assessed the possible link between rare blood clots in adults. The university, which assisted in the development of the accidental vaccine, said in a statement that the test had “no safety concerns”, but acknowledged the possible link between the clots and said it was linked to UK drugs and health. Additional information. Care product regulatory body. MHRA).

“Parents and children must attend all scheduled visits and contact test sites if they have any questions.”

This is the latest drama to hit AstraZeneca, which has been embroiled in controversy over the EU’s promised dose and failure to provide JB’s effectiveness and safety profile.

Following the launch of the case in Norway and continental Europe, the world’s leading MHRA organization analyzed real-world data from the MHRA AstraZeneca rollout to see if there were any rare cases of jab and blood clots.

The MHRA reported over the weekend that 30 out of 1 million doses administered in the UK had blood clots, seven of which were fatal.

The European Medical Agency said on Tuesday that it had “not yet reached a decision and is currently reviewing”.

EU Health Commissioner Stella Kiriakoides later said the agency was expected to make its decision late on Wednesday, adding that it had “close liaison” with the EMA.

Marco Cavalli, head of the EMA vaccine strategy, was quoted as saying there was a “clear” connection and the company would announce it in a few hours.

“In my view, we can now say that it is clear that there is a link between the vaccine,” Cavalli told the Italian newspaper El Massagegoro in an interview. “However, we do not yet know the cause of this reaction.”

Both Germany and France have limited the use of this vaccine among the elderly, with younger recipients more at risk of clot growth.

The UK and vaccine developers have so far opposed any restrictions on the use, saying there is no evidence of this link.

Adam Finn, a professor of consciousness at the University of Bristol in the UK, said there are more benefits than risks.

“We need to know more about the victims and understand how the illness happened,” he said.

“If you’re currently being given a dose of the Oxford-Estrogena vaccine, if you get the vaccine and your chances of survival increase and you don’t, you’ll go down.”

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