Catcher player Juan Kala ‘magical victim’ for racist insults against Maucher Dirkhabi

At a news conference on Tuesday, Valencia Kale reacted angrily: ‘Juan Kale, we don’t believe you.’

Madrid: During Sunday’s game against Ladiga Cিজdiz, Juan Cala racistly insulted Valencia’s Moucher hypocrisy and insisted he was a victim of “circus” and “witch hunting”.

Kala held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, during which he defended the allegations against him that he had insulted Dikhbir.

He threatened to sue any of the complainants and asked if he would take legal action against Diksha, Kala said: “This is something for my lawyer. I can tell you that I will protect my honor. “

Laliga is investigating the incident, co Spain’s first top flight to land off the Valencia pitch During the match against racist torture

The Valencia players left the field against Cিজdiz about 15 minutes later in the 29th minute before playing again, but Dikhabi was not allowed.

The club initially said the team had returned at Dikhbi’s request, but later insisted they would be withdrawn.“Issued under threat of punishment” And one thing is for sure.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dihabi first reported the incident in a video posted on Sokha Media.

He said: “A player insulted me (racially) … it’s unbearable, I can’t allow it and you all saw my reaction.”

Dikhbi also asked a Cadiz player if he would return to the Valencia pitch if Kala agreed to apologize.

Dikhbi said, “My colleagues and I did not say that there are some things here, for which you cannot apologize and pass it on.”

‘Very sorry’

Valencia Color reacted angrily to the press conference by releasing a statement on Tuesday: “Juan Kala, we don’t believe you.”

The statement said the club was deeply saddened by the colonel’s response and said he had “missed a great opportunity to admit his mistake and apologize.”

Kala has not spoken publicly since the game and has started a press conference so he was “forced to attend.” He Nationalism denies Dikhbir’s contemptHe told the French: “Leave me alone.”

“I never said that,” Kala said. “Everything he says is a lie.” If there was a Cadiz player who said I would apologize, I would give up football. This is the media dining-hunt.

“Either he made it or felt something else when I said‘ leave me alone ’,” Kala said.

“I will take legal action against those who tried to disrespect me.

“Two victims: a player who is accused and another who believes he has been the victim of racist insults.”

Kayla said that when Valencia left the pitch and she said several times that “there is no racism in Spanish football”.

“All the teams have black players, they are all super integrated,” he said.

If Black is convicted, Cadiz could be granted, although the club itself raises the possibility of Art being punished.

“Anyone found guilty of this crime should be punished, regardless of their party affiliation,” a club statement said on Sunday.

Laliga President Md Xavier Tabs confirmed Monday that an investigation has begun.

Referee David Medi wrote in his match report that Dikhabi told him that Kala had insulted him racially but no one on the referee team heard it.

Valencia support

In a show in support of Valencia on Monday afternoon, the club released a video on the training pitch of the first-team players and staff standing behind Diachabi.

Valencia coach Xavi Gracia and defender Jose Luis Guaya both said the team had been told in the changed room that they would be punished if they did not start again.

“We were told in the altered room that if we didn’t return we would actually be allowed,” Garcia said.

“We came back to play because they told us they could punish us with three points or more,” Gaya said.

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