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Canada’s north is being heavily affected by climate change and many indigenous communities have identified clean, reliable energy as the key to a stable future. The Government of Canada is investing in community-led clean energy projects with remote-indigenous communities for the future of digital dependence and low-emission energy to advance solidarity and move away from self-regulation.

Michael V., Member of Parliament for the Northwest Territories. Natural Resources Minister Hon’ble Seamus O’Regan Jr. on Tuesday announced more than, 40,640,000 for two projects in the Northwest to reduce the climate’s dependence on rural and remote populations for diesel fuel. Will help deal with change. Heat and electricity.

The first investment of Lot 442,000 for the Beaufort Hamlet Energy Initiative of the Fugitive Community Corporation is to work with Hamlet of 44 Ulukhatak, a project that will create a community energy plan to support future energy efficiency initiatives and renewable energy projects. These include increased energy literacy and the development of skills to reduce diesel dependence.

A second investment of $ 200,000 by the River Development Corporation engaged in creating a sustainable wood chip supply chain for the Guichan nation. These wood chips will be procured locally from willow trees for use in the biomass system in and around Fort McPherson, which will provide domestic employment and economic opportunities in the bioenergy and forestry sectors.

The Canadian Renewable Energy Project will install and showcase 220 million shows to reduce the dependence of rural and remote populations on diesel, renewable energy projects, increase energy efficiency and increase local efficiency and capacity, both through rural clean energy for rural and remote populations. The program is part of Canada’s investment in government planning, public transportation projects, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and more than িয়ন 180 million in infrastructure investments for rural and northern Canadian populations.

Canada’s strong climate plan outlined in a healthy environment and healthy economy is a government priority to ensure the availability of clean, affordable heat and electricity alternatives. By 2030, the government will provide additional opportunities for rural, remote and indigenous peoples to rely on diesel to run clean, reliable fuels. 300 is investing 300 million.

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