Ancient coins discovered on Rhode Island could unravel the murderous mystery of the pirates

Ancient coins discovered on Rhode Island The changing pockets of ancient America – the oldest found in North America – can tell how each wind flows. A 17th-century Arabic silver coin, struck at the top in 1933 in Yemen, was located under an oak tree built-in 1 Bai 52 in Massachusetts Bay Colony, and a Spanish half-real coin to the right of 1227227 in Warwick. Was. , AP Photo / Steven Sen)

Warwick, RI: Pickups in rural street islands and other random corners of New England – a handful of coins from your orchard can help solve the planet’s oldest cold case.

The villain in this story: a murderous British pirate who became the world’s most wanted criminal after plundering a ship carrying Muslim pilgrims from Mecca to India, then identified himself as a slave trader and escaped from captivity. Out.

“This is a new history of the almost perfect crime,” said Jim Bailey, an amateur historian and metal detective who first found a 17th-century Arab coin in the wilderness of Middletown.

The changing pockets of ancient America – one of the coldest places in North America – could explain how the pirate Captain Henry went missing in every wind.

In September 1959, the pirate ship Fancy, under the command of Yar, attacked and launched an imperial Ganj-e-Sawai vessel, one of the most influential people in the world at the time of the Indian Emperor Aurangzeb. The ship was carrying the pilgrims returning from their pilgrimage and millions of dollars of gold and silver.

What happened next was the most attractive and heinous loot ever made.

Accounts Historical accounts state that his band tortured and killed people aboard Indian ships and raped women before escaping into the Bahamas, a pirate sanctuary. The word, however, spread rapidly through his crime, and the English King William III – under the immense pressure of a malleable India and East India Company business – placed a large grant on his head.

Bailey said, “If you trust Google worldwide first, it comes all the way.” “Everyone was looking for these people.”

Historians still know that everyone set sail for Ireland in 1696, where the trail cooled. Bailey, however, stated that the coins he and others found were notorious pirates first traveling to the American colonies, where he and his crew spend every day running.

The first complete coin was unveiled at Middleton’s Sweet Berry Farm in 2014, a place that was Bailey’s curiosity two years ago, after finding an old ial colonial coin, 18th-century shoe bark, and some mechanic balls.
Constructing a metal detector on the ground, he received a signal, which was dug and struck: a ga nd, a dime-shaped silver coin that he initially assumed was either Spanish or Massachusetts. The Bay Colony did the mining.

Coupled all around, the Arabic text on the coin played its pulse. “I thought, ‘Oh my God,’ he said.”

Research has confirmed that foreign exchange was created in 1693 in Yemen. Bailey immediately popped the question. There is no evidence that American colonists are fighting for a livelihood in the New World, even decades later that they did business on travel somewhere in the Middle East.

Since then, other identifiers have discovered 15 additional Arabic coins of the same era – 10 in Massachusetts, three in Rhode Island, and two in Connecticut. Another was found in North Carolina, where records show that a few men each came first.

Sarah Sportman, a state archaeologist in Connecticut, said, “It seems that some of his crew were able to settle down and get stronger in New England, where a coin was found in 2018 when the farm was excavated in the 1918s.”

“It was almost like money laundering,” he said.

Although it may be incomprehensible now, everyone disguised the obvious by revealing themselves as slave traders – an emerging profession in New England in the 1690s. Bailey said that he had stopped at a reunion in the French Islands while en route to the Bahamas to get some black prisoners, so he wanted to see the escape.

Vague records show that a ship called the Flower of the Sea was used by pirates to evacuate the east coast. 18th century.

“Extensive primary sources are evidence to show that the American colonies were the basis for pirate operations,” said Bailey, 53, who holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Rhode Island and a search for Vidah Galli pirates Works as an archaeological assistant. ship. The destruction of Cape Cod in the late 1970s.

Bailey, whose day job is analyzing security on the state prison campus, published his findings in a research journal of the American Numismatic Society devoted to the study of coins and medals.

Archaeologists and historians have stated that they are not interested in Bell’s work, and believe that it sheds new light on one of the world’s most enduring criminal mysteries.

“Jim’s research is fruitless,” said Kevin McBride, professor of archeology at the University of Connecticut. “This is a perfect thing. It is an exciting story. “

Mark Hanna, an associate professor of history at the University of California-San Diego and an early piracy expert in the United States, said that when he first saw pictures of Bailey’s pose, “I lost my mind.”

Hannah, the author of the book “Pirates and the Rise of the British Empire,” said, “Finding those coins was a huge undertaking for me.” The story of Captain Evert is of worldwide importance. “This little thing – this little thing can help me understand.” “

Everyone’s exploits are inspired by a 2021 book by Steven Johnson, Anime of All Mankind; Popular on PlayStation is the Arxit series video game; And a Sony picture film version is set to release in early 2022, starring Arxit Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas.

Bailey, who has found the most valuable in a safe deposit box, not in his home, said excavations will continue.

“For me, it was not always about the money, but the thrill,” he said. “Better than seeing these things, they have long-lost stories behind them.”

This story has been revised to show that Arabic coins are not among the oldest coins found in North America.

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