22 Egyptian mummies visit new museum in Cairo for spectacular ‘Golden Parade’

Shortly after the half-hour journey, the mummies entered the new museum grounds with gun salutes from 21 people.

The floating procession on Saturday evening ascended to new heavens in a spectacular parade with 22 turquoises, including Egypt’s most powerful ancient queen.

Under heavy security, Mami was removed from the floating Egyptian museum at Egypt’s new National Museum, seven kilometers from the capital.

Known as the “Golden Parade of the Pharaohs”, the 16 kings and four queens traveled in each of the oldest, separate vehicles decorated in the ancient Egyptian style, respectively. Both pedestrians and vehicles were banned from the current museum site Tahir Square and other sections of the route.

Images of the opening ceremony of the choreography with simple parade and equal caution were broadcast live on provocative music on state television.

Shortly after the half-hour journey, Mumbaikars entered the new museum grounds with gun salutes to 21 people.

Just before the ceremony, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said, “This marvelous miracle is a testament to the greatness of a unique civilization that extends into the depths of history.”

In Sikner, the “chariots” were brought back to Ramesses IX, who ruled southern Egypt 1 Egypt0000 years before the second Tao II chariot and ruled in the twelfth century BC.

Another great warrior, the second young man who ruled for 67 years, and the most powerful female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut, was also on a short journey.

Sculpted, gold and black trains with their designated sovereign names were fitted with shock absorbers for travel, ensuring that no valuable cargo was accidentally disturbed by uneven surfaces.

‘Advanced Case’

Discovered by Luxor since 1881, an interesting new account of Pharaoh’s life and death has yet to emerge.

In a high-tech study conducted by Seckner’s Tao II, a CT scan and a 3D image of his hand and a long-studied skull fracture indicated that he was probably executed after being captured in battle.

For their parade on the streets of Cairo, the mummies were placed in special containers filled with nitrogen in the same position as their regular performances. The new resting place, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo’s old Fusat district, has pyramids spread over a vast area with low and high-rise buildings at the top.

The mummies will be buried underground in their new home to relocate them to an environmentally friendly environment through a 15-day laboratory recovery. He will be given a short biography.

Salima Ikram, a professor in the Department of Misrology at the American University in Cairo, said they would occupy a “slightly improved case” in their new home.

Temperature and humidity control will also be enhanced.

“The museum is the best laboratory for preserving the museum … it is one of our best museums,” Walid al-Batoti, an adviser to the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology, told state television.

‘Pharaoh’s Curse’

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization has opened its doors to limited exhibitions since 2013, and Mami will be fully open before it is released to the public two weeks later on Sunday.

In the coming months, the country will open another new showcase of the Grand Egyptian Museum near the Pyramids of Giza. It will have a pharaonic collection with the famous treasures of Tutankhamun.

A girl sees a new work of art at the exhibition of Egypt’s New National Civilization (NMEC) in the Fustat district of old Cairo, as it officially reopens the day after Pharaoh’s gold parade. Mahmoud Khalid / AFP

Discovered in 1922, this young ruler ascended the throne in a cemetery in the 14th century BC, containing various treasures, including gold and ivory.

Following Tutankhamun’s reluctance, a so-called “Pharaoh’s Curse” was published in 1922-23.

Lord Carnarvon, the main patron of the excavations, died of blood poisoning a few months after the tomb was opened, like the sudden death of an early tourist in 1923.

As the parade began just days after a series of fighting erupted in Egypt, some people speculated about the new curse, inspired by the latest move on social media.

The last few days have seen deadly rail collisions and a building collapse in Cairo as the giant carrier MV Ever dominated the battle for the world major title battle that had blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week.

Audrey Azol, UNESCO’s director general for the parade in Cairo, said the rehabilitation of the mummies “marked the completion of a lot of work to preserve and improve the exhibition.”

“It evokes feelings that transcend mere collection – we will reveal the history of Egyptian civilization before our very eyes.”

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